Lonely Swan.

Young beautiful as a swan,
Thought it could,
Float freely through the water,
But the power was too strong.

The swan could not come,
Through the wild stream,
On the other hand,
Where it all would be good.

It fought with its,
Large powerful wings,
But nothing used it,
still it stood without hope.

Hope disappeared more for,
Every day it had to go through,
Everything had been empty inside,
The swan felt a deep loneliness.

For a day when the light on,
The other side of the stream,
Not so strong against it,
But it flows freely with the flow.

No one was the beautiful swan,
By folding out the wings,
Give permission to believe,
That loneliness does not exist.

But no matter how special,
The swan inside you is,
Is there an inner like that,
Make it unique.

Although it is lonely,
Would there always be one,
Second swan like wild,
Give it a hand to life.


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©Minna B Mortensen  2018
All Rights Reserved